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Beaver Nuts Games presents...

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what is battle type 2?

Beaver Nuts Games presents Battle Type 2, the sequel to the coolest downloadable game that nearly nobody played!

Battle Type 2 is a competitive typing game for PC in which two players battle over the same keyboard! Featuring an internationally diverse cast of wacky anthropomorphic beavers, Battle Type lets you show off your awesome typing skills while sharing a constant risk of personal injury with your friends.

- Type the words that appear on your side of the screen to inflict damage to your opponent
- Share the keyboard in either competitive or co-operative multiplayer modes
- Select one of 8 starting characters from the game's wacky cast
- Unlock 8 additional characters by progressing through the campaign or by earning Genki Coins in multiplayer
- Discover new story sequences by completing the single player mode with each character
- Fully localized in 7 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese
- Try not to hurt your friends when sharing the keyboard. Or hurt them, what do we care? We don't know you!

jorge vs la lince

...Wait, there was a battle type 1?

Yes! Battle Type was a prototype that started during a game jam (cough) many years ago. In BATTLE TYPE, you play locally against a friend in a race to type words that appear in rapid succession, all while sharing the same keyboard.

download the prototype

what do I need to play the prototype version of Battle Type?

All you need is:
- A PC, a monitor and a keyboard
- 350MB of free space on your Hard Drive
- Microsoft Windows operating system, tested on Windows XP, 7, and 8
- Java v1.6 or higher, available at Java.com