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Beaver Nuts Games presents...

download the prototype

what is battle type?

BATTLE TYPE is a unique 2-player competitive typing game available FREE for PC only.

In BATTLE TYPE, you play locally against a friend in a race to type words that appear in rapid succession, all while sharing the same keyboard!

Placing both hands on their side of the keyboard, each player must battle for space while typing and trying to survive longer than the opponent. It may seem hard at first, but don't worry. If you can type, you can Battle Type!

The game also features:
- Adjustable difficulty settings for all you noobs out there
- Original soundtrack and dialogue bring our beaver characters to life
- Fully localized in 7 languages, EFIGS - BrPT - NL, with unique regional beaver characters
- Beaverboards to keep track of that one time you destroyed Alan the intern
- The prototype version of BATTLE TYPE is free to download, copy and play with anyone willing to touch you

what do I need to play the prototype version of Battle Type?

Download the prototype version of BATTLE TYPE by clicking here

All you need is:
- A PC, a monitor and a keyboard
- 350MB of free space on your Hard Drive
- Microsoft Windows operating system, tested on Windows XP, 7, and 8
- Java v1.6 or higher, available at Java.com

jorge vs la lince